Pop Culture: The Season of Spooky Baking

As we enter into October it’s that time of year. Filled with gummy ghosts, candy corn cupcakes, marzipan mummies and jellybean jack-o-lanterns 🎃. Ok, I made up half those. You get the idea. It’s Halloween Baking Season!

I’m a sucker for baking shows and it seems by the sheer number of them that others are too. Food Network (in the US) does this thing where they schedule baking shows practically year round at the same time. So if you tune in Monday’s at 9e/8c odds are you’ll get a baking show. The four core ones are: Halloween, Holiday, Spring and Kids Baking Championships.

Kids Baking Championship just finished and now it’s time for Halloween Baking Championship. I don’t get as excited about the Halloween baking because sometimes things look gross and I’m not about my sweets looking gross and realistic. Give me something pretty or cute and I’ll be more excited. Granted I will still EAT gross-looking sweets. I have a saying: “sweets slides down.” Which means you can eat dessert even on a full stomach! Well during Halloween the saying should change to: “sweets slide down even if they are slimy!”

After the 9:00 eastern/8:00 central baking show on Mondays they’re doing a “Halloween Cake-Off” hosted by Duff Goldman. Usually after the Baking Championship seasonal show there is an hour long show that also does baking. For Halloween it’s “Halloween Cake-Off.”

However, the real juggernaut for Food Network this time of year is “Halloween Wars.” It airs Sunday nights and premiered last night. It’s where six teams of three people (cake decorator, sugar artist, pumpkin carver) compete weekly in two challenges per week for a prize of $50,000. It’s fun to see. Especially the pumpkin carving and last night there was a pumpkin carving competition show after “Halloween Wars.”

So I will say there’s plenty to watch if you like to watch baking and food shows. And when none of those are on I’m catching up on “Great British Bake Off.”

(I still don’t have an update on my memoir word count. I hope to soon.)

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