Pop culture extra: Downton Abbey

I am not going to do a movie review of the “Downton Abbey” movie even though I saw it last week. My reason for not reviewing it? I hope to see it again with the closed captions on the screen instead of a CaptiView captioning device so I could actually watch the movie (although, I am grateful CaptiView devices are available where I live). Since movies like “Downton” are dialogue heavy I have to read the captions on the captioning device in order to follow everything. That means I can’t just watch the movie and enjoy things like sets, scenery and costumes. It’s for those reasons that I signed a Change.org petition to get open captioning (like closed captions) in theaters. It would really help out people who are hard of hearing like me or deaf. (Visit my page on my TBI and related hearing loss and hearing issues for an idea on why closed captions are important to me.)

Even though I’m not reviewing “Downton Abbey” now, I’ll leave you with this cute graphic I made using the app “Over.”

Graphic designed by me using the App “Over.”

Change.org Petition on Open Captions

Please check out this petition. And sign it if you feel so inclined. I did.

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