Pop Culture Extra: Queer Eye

As I’ve been writing my memoir I’ve been getting really drained. Emotionally and physically. So after I put in some solid writing I’ve been decompressing by watching the newest season (season 4) of Netflix’s “Queer Eye.” I find it’s that perfect mix of funny, heartwarming, inspiring and silly. For my extra pop culture recommendation this month I just had to recommend “Queer Eye.”

Since I’m pretty burnt out and overextended writing my memoir for Camp NaNoWriMo (as I’ve mentioned previously) I am going to keep this post short. If you haven’t figured it out by now I’m CRAMMING to finish my 50,000 words of my memoir by the end of this month (see my Twitter and Instagram for a current word count).

Since I live with my parents (because of the circumstances I’m writing about in my memoir) I consume a lot of pop culture with them (it’s why I used to have a blog called “Watching Pop Culture With My Parents“). I consumed a lot of pop culture before I lived with them again but now that I do we consume a lot together. However, I still have things I watch on my own. Netflix’s reboot of “Queer Eye” is one thing I watch on my own. Granted I don’t watch it on my own because I don’t think they’d like it. On the contrary. I think they’d love it 😍 and want to watch every episode and it just takes us too long 🐢 to watch things (hint: there could be lots of pausing & bathroom 🚽 breaks)! And I just enjoy it too much to watch it SLOWLY! So I selfishly watch it by myself! (This is where you judge me and where I say: “Guilty! Sometimes I’m pop culture selfish!”)

I watched the original iteration of the show on Bravo “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” and this version very appropriately removed the “Straight Guy” from the title. So instead of the original premise of 5 gay guys teaching a scruffy straight guy how to 1) Groom 2) Dress 3) Decorate/Design 4) Cook 5) Culture (i.e. don’t be a cave man when it comes to the ladies/dates) it’s 5 gay guys still doing those 5 things (although culture is different and makes a heck of a lot more sense) but it’s not restricted to a STRAIGHT GUY. They’ve featured straight and gay women, straight and gay men, transgendered men, etc.

I’m only a few episodes into this newest season (4) and it’s even more inspirational than previous seasons!

In fact I’ve coined a new word: “inspirtainment” that I think perfectly describes Queer Eye. Inspiration + Entertainment = Inspirtainment! #inspirtainment

InspirtainmentOne episode featured a man who had been shot in a gang-related shooting (I think) and was paralyzed from the waste down. I couldn’t help but relate to the core message of this episode and this man who had turned his life and body around after the shooting and was living a very positive life. I relate to him so much. Even though I’m turning to “Queer Eye” to give me a break from memoir writing, that episode actually inspired me to write more.

Wesley (the man they make over) is using his paralysis and unfortunate circumstances to turn his life around and help others. He founded a nonprofit called “Disabled, But Not Really.” I kind of feel like my brain injury and hearing difficulties have propelled me forward to have a voice. I will articulate that better in my memoir but I didn’t think a pop culture recommendation was the place for me to get all preachy.

I will say, I highly recommend “Queer Eye” on Netflix and I recommend you seek out the new Fab Five (as they call the Queer Eye experts) on social media if you’re the social media type!

Antoni Porowski, Food & Wine Expert, Twitter: @antoni Instagram: @antoni

Tan France, Fashion Expert, Twitter: @tanfrance Instagram: @tanfrance

Jonathan Van Ness, Grooming Expert, Twitter: @jvn Instagram: @jvn

Bobby Berk, Interior Design Expert, Twitter: @bobbyberk Instagram: @bobbyberk

Karamo Brown, Culture Expert, Twitter: @karamo Instagram @karamo

Netflix: Twitter & Instagram

Queer Eye: Twitter & Instagram

On a side note: (my parents didn’t know this) if you watch the cooking competition show “Chopped” on the Food Network, the host Ted Allen was the Food & Wine Expert on the original Bravo show “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.”

Camp NaNoWriMo Update: I’m still trying very hard to meet my 50,000 words goal by Thursday. Like I said, check my Twitter and/or Instagram for updated word count updates!

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