Monthly Writing Update: In a slump/unmotivated?

This post is going to be short and sweet because I want to put my energy (read last week’s post about harnessing limited energy) into finishing Camp NaNoWriMo and hitting my 50,000 words goal (by July 31). You can perhaps guess what my writing update is going to be about.

This graphic I made (above) summed up how I felt at the beginning of July about writing my memoir and trying to complete a large chunk of it during Camp NaNoWriMo (50,000 words in the month of July was my pledge). Spoiler alert: I still feel this way but I fell off the wagon a bit.

These are graphics I have been making and Tweeting out updates on word counts (see below).

First eight days.

Update until yesterday.

As you can see, I started off really strong and have now fallen into a bit of a slump. However, the ideas are still coming, I’m just not being disciplined about writing (which is why I originally started this blog since I was never finishing stories or ideas).

There are only 10 days left and I have 30,539 words remaining of my 50,000 words goal. I need to do 3,054 words a day in the remaining days to reach my goal. I still plan to.

I made this graphic to help motivate myself and I certainly think this Dr. Seuss quote applies to everyone attempting a memoir. Well, actually it applies to everyone (non-writers included) but I can’t help but look at everything through a memoirist’s lens!

So, I am just going to focus in order to finish !


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