Monthly Pop Culture Recommendation: Best Baker and Good Bones

As you have probably gathered by now, my parents and I watch a fair bit of food-related and house-related TV (i.e. Food Network and HGTV). And I watch a fair bit of TV with my parents (hence why I used to have a pop culture themed blog called “Watching Pop Culture With My Parents”). Since the accident I was in caused me to suffer a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) where one of my prolonged symptoms is hearing issues (I describe it more here and here) I rely on closed captioning. And since it’s impossible for me to multitask (like follow a plot) and eat (we eat on TV trays in front of the TV sometimes) we have increased our viewing of non-scripted shows usually from the Food Network or HGTV. I personally really like any of the baking shows (“Holiday Baking Championship” and “Kids Baking Championship” are favorites) On Food Network and “Boise Boys”, “Home Town” and “House Hunters International” on HGTV. The other thing I like about these kinds of shows is the “TV seasons” don’t necessarily align with regular network TV. Which means, you can get a new season when other seasons are ending. That’s what’s happening now with two shows I’m recommending: “Best Baker in America” and “Good Bones.”

Premiering tonight (Mondays, 9e/8c on Food Network“) is the third season of “Best Baker in America.” It’s hosted by celebrity chef Scott Conant and judged by Jason Smith and Marcela Valladoloid. I didn’t watch the first season but I watched and really enjoyed the second season. I felt like the challenges were of a higher caliber than on some of the other baking shows so the winner they got ended up being incredibly talented. I highly recommend viewing this show. I warn you that a side effect is that you may want to consume sweets while watching!

My next recommendation begins it’s fourth season tomorrow on HGTV. It’s “Good Bones” starring mother and daughter duo Karen Laine and Mina Starsiak as they flip houses in Indianapolis, Indiana. Karen was a lawyer and Mina a realtor when they got into fixing up homes when Mina started fixing up hers. They then started their own company “Two Chicks & A Hammer” and the rest is HGTV history. They both have great natural ease in front of the camera and the designs they do for the homes just keep getting better.

Well, I meant to post this earlier. BEFORE “Best Baker” aired. Until next pop culture installment, happy watching!

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