April Writing Update: Blog Merger

Those of you who read my other blog, Watching Pop Culture With My Parents, know that I’m planning on merging that blog with this blog. I just wanted to formally announce it on this blog and use this monthly writing update to discuss what exactly I mean by “merge” and how that will change the content I have mapped out for this blog.

Here was my earlier posting schedule for this blog:

As shown above, I was posting on this blog every Monday with pretty regimented content. Week 1 was a ūüďĖ review, Week 2 an author recommendation, week 3 an essay and week 4 was a writing update. The whole point of merging the blogs was to give me more time to write creatively (my memoir, novel, short stories). I also want to start submitting my writing to journals and magazines to try and get my essays and short stories published. That takes time. Time writing two blogs a week wasn’t giving me.

When I first thought of merging I thought I could add a pop culture post to my posting schedule. The more I thought about it the more that didn’t make sense. What was I doing adding a post to my posting schedule when the whole point in a merger was reducing my blogging workload? So I came up with the following revised schedule. And I think it should work well.

I decided to replace my “author recommendation” in the second week with a pop culture post. I figure the book review is already kind of like an author recommendation. And I can still talk about books in the pop culture recommendations (especially when they get adapted into movies, TV shows, etc.)

That’s my preliminary plan. I still plan to keep the Twitter handle running I was using to promote the Watching Pop Culture With My Parents blog: @popwatching

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