POP CULTURE: Oscars 2019- A Recap and Reaction

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  • As you may have gathered from my many posts on The Oscars (here, here, here, here, and here) I get into them. And I drag my parents along with me in my interest (they ❤️ it)! So we of course watched The Oscars on Sunday. We filled out the ballots I had made. But I didn’t crush it like I used to. I think I got a little bogged down making the ballot and didn’t pay as much attention to the movies (I can’t multitask like I used to)! So my Dad and I tied for first place with 12 out of 24 and my Mom got 8 out 24. (In other news, the dogs in our house didn’t win “Best Dog[a contest I made up to be silly and cute on their Instagram accounts] They lost out to Selby’s dog toy [a 🐰] in a loophole no one saw coming. Check out the controversy on Selby’s Instagram here.)
  • Selby’s toy Hunny Bunny with the Oscar Ballots.
  • Selby’s toy Hunny Bunny with the Oscar Ballots.
  • In the days leading up to The Oscars we watched a bunch more Oscar-nominated movies. My Dad and I watched “Black Panther” (my Mom isn’t really into super hero movies, so she sat that one out). And then we all watched:
  • “Roma”
  • “The Wife”
  • all of the animated shorts except one.
  • Then when The Oscars were on we watched them together. I even wore socks my Dad had bought me that had 🍿 on them. We of course ate actual popcorn 🍿 too!
  • I’m going to respond to the two big issues that were being discussed with The Oscars this year:
  •  No Host
  • Since Kevin Hart became the latest victim in people going through his old Tweets and reprimanding him for years old tasteless jokes, he decided to step down from hosting and The Oscars. And they didn’t replace him. In my opinion, the show moved along nicely and at a faster clip without a host. Since I really get into The Oscars I wasn’t one of the people who would complain it was too long, etc. However, this year I did notice the change in pace. It was nice. Honestly, a show like that where a bunch of ENTERTAINERS are giving each other awards it seems unnecessary to have yet another entertainer host the show. The way they managed the show this year with having with celebrities just presenting the awards and just talk or banter a tiny bit longer than a presenter typically would, worked well. And sometimes you had people like Amy Poehler and Melissa McCarthy who would have fun and do some jokey extras. That’s really all the show needs. I hope they keep it host-less.
  • “Green Book” won “Best Picture” when many feel the academy should have awarded other more progressive films.
  • I see where people are coming from with this complaint even though I liked “Green Book.” People like Spike Lee (director and Oscar-winner for best adapted screenplay for “BlacKkKlansman”) were visibly and vocally upset at “Green Book’s” Best Picture win.
  • I haven’t watched “BlacKkKlansman” yet but I definitely plan to. “Black Panther” and “Roma” were better films than “Green Book.” (I can’t personally say if “BlacKkKlansman” was since I haven’t seen it yet). Perhaps it’s too much to think The Academy would change so much when it’s clear they have changed since the #OscarsSoWhite controversy in 2015? Really is it too much to ask that they award the better film and not the one that makes them feel better? This quote I found (from a Vox article) really speaks to it:
  • A graphic showing a quote from a Vox article on why “Green Book” received the Oscar.
  • I will say that even though I can see the side of the argument that’s frustrated with “Green Book” winning for “Best Picture” I would still advise seeing it. It’s still an interesting story. Yes, it’s a story about a black man written and directed by white people. It seems odd to me that they didn’t worry about representing the voice of the minority the film centers on by having a black film maker involved. However, as my Dad pointed out, if they recruited a minority to be a writer or director it would have felt intentionally deliberate and they might have been criticized for that. As we often see in something in the mainstream, it’s hard to always do it right. And this is an awards show after all: there will always be winners and losers.
  • On an extra note, I didn’t follow the fashion too closely but I will say actress Constance Wu in her pleated yellow dress was by far my favorite. Read what she wrote about it on Instagram (She inserted the director of her film “Crazy Rich Asians” John Chu’s letter to the band Coldplay asking them if he could use their song “Yellow” in the film. I read that before I watched “Crazy Rich Asians” and it made me want to watch the movie)! My least favorite/favourite 😆 was Rachel Weisz. She looked like a “fembot” from “Austin Powers the Spy Who Shagged Me.” Okay, maybe that comparison was a stretch, but I tend to like pretty gowns and dresses, not trendy!
  • Actresses Constance Wu and Rachel Weisz in their Oscar dresses in 2019.
  • Until my next post, keep consuming that pop culture (or popping that culture)!
  • #watchingpopculturewithmyparents
  • #Oscars2019

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