Writing Update- For February 2019

To refresh your memory and mine, this is what I’m writing and the progress I’ve made since I last updated.

A graphic showing progress on stories using a typewriter imageProgress on the novel: “Girl Vs. A World of Her Own.” (No progress.)

Honestly, I haven’t worked on this since my last blog writing update. I plan to be truthful in these writing updates so that it’s a true account of how long I work on things, etc.

Progress on my memoir. (Some progress.)

I’ve written some. Organized notes and blog posts and other writings I’ve done that I am putting into it.

Progress on the other novel. (No progress.)

Again, I haven’t touched this one. I probably won’t truthfully this year as the other writings are more prescient.

Progress on other short stories and children’s stories. (A lot of progress.)

I came up with a children’s story inspired by my puppy (@selbysweetie). I’m excited about it and shared the title and what I wrote with my parents and they were charmed (I think) and very encouraging (“Early Squirrelly” is the title). So I definitely need to finish that soon. I also came up with another one, well actually my Dad did, and I’m writing the idea he came up with. He’s a history buff (as I mentioned in the October short story I dedicated to him). And so he told me a story from history and this short story will be a fictional account of it. I also came up with another idea “ripped from the headlines.” This one involves the actor Kevin Spacey and his fall from grace as he’s been accused of sexual misconduct, etc. I had done another of my short stories “ripped from the headlines” when I wrote a short story inspired by Chris Watts, the father and husband who was found guilty of murdering his wife and two young daughters (in Colorado just this past summer). Oddly both “ripped from the headlines” topics have been dark. I think that’s just a reflection of the news in general (and hopefully not a reflection of me).

That was my writing update for this month! Oh, I made this graphic of all the things I’m working on.

A graphic that has images on a page of typewriter paper that show my writing topics. Includes: Civil war uniform, Kevin Spacey, a squirrel, a heart, the word “memoir” and a globe.
This honestly looks like I’m writing about Kevin Spacey’s memoir he wrote about traveling around the world after being a Civil War soldier while being chased by a lovesick squirrel.

I will say I enjoyed The Oscars last night and managed to cram in quite a few more films since I last updated. My parents and I saw Roma, the animated shorts and my Dad and I saw Black Panther. We also watched “The Wife” yesterday and were surprised Glenn Close didn’t win Best Actress. I even made a silly image for the dogs’ (Selby & Bella) Instagram pages alluding to it. And wouldn’t you know that Glenn Close and her dog have Instagram pages! Here’s hoping “they” see it! See, celebrities are just like us (i.e. they have nutty social media accounts for their dogs).

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