POP CULTURE: Pop Culture Update- Oscar movies we’ve seen

Here with a Saturday “Watching Pop Culture With My Parents” POP CULTURE UPDATE for my Saturday post. The Oscars air February 24th at 7 central/ 8 eastern on ABC (in the U.S.). We’ve seen a number of the nominated films, considering last year my parents and I saw very few of the nominated movies (since my TBI-related hearing loss and distortion was still pretty knew and I was still learning how to deal with it). However this year we’ve seen quite a few with plans of seeing more.

I’m still working on my “Where to Watch the Oscar Nominated Movies Sheet/List.” Expect an unscheduled post on this blog this week where I’ll share my sheet. In the meantime I recommend checking this Time article and this New York Times article as they give information on where to stream the movies.

Those who follow me on Facebook know that my parents and I saw the movie “Green Book” this week. I may do a movie review of it in the future. We really enjoyed it. I highly recommend it. And I’ve gotten in the habit of sending my parents articles and links about what we just saw (they’re Googling abilities aren’t refined and I am a trained librarian). I will say briefly that I have become a super fan of Best Supporting Actor nominee, Mahershala Ali from “Green Book.” Since I didn’t see “Moonlight” last year (and still haven’t) and he won Best Supporting Actor for that movie last year, I’m a year behind in my super fandom! This is a great article from W magazine with an interview of Mahershala Ali. I just don’t understand why he’s up for “Best Supporting Actor” when he’s on screen nearly as much as Viggo Mortensen. I suppose it might be the studio’s decision as they feel he would have a better chance of winning in the supporting category.

We also watched “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs” on Netflix by the Coen Brothers. That was also a great one. We watched it after we had just gotten a lot of snow ❄️ where we live. And “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs” is six different vignettes that are all Westerns. So it was a tad jarring to see the dusty West when we were in the middle of a snow storm!

Well, you’ll hear from me next with my Oscar sheet.

#watchingpopculturewithmyparents #Oscars2019

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