October Story- This one’s for my Dad

Since I’ve started the trend of dedicating a monthly short story to a person in my life who has a Birthday that corresponding month, this month it’s my Dad. I actually have quite a few people I’m close to who have October Birthdays. However I chose to focus on my Dad because inspiration struck. He tried to tell me to dedicate one to my sister instead (this is also her Birthday month), but I told him I already had an idea related to him and you don’t mess with the muse!

My Dad was a high school history teacher for almost 40 years and an adjunct college history professor. He’s been a lifelong history buff and politics enthusiast. When we moved into this new house together recently (since I can’t live alone after the accident I was in) my Dad and I combined our books in one of the extra bedrooms and made an office/study. It’s also the room where Selby sleeps so she looks like a studious little pup! 📚 🐶 I get my love of reading and exploring other worlds and times from my Dad. While I prefer the worlds I explore to be fictional and the books I read to be fiction my Dad as the historian is quite the opposite. We enjoy sharing books and knowledge with each other, so when he was organizing his books and he found a little pamphlet he had bought in the 70’s when he and my Mom visited Abraham Lincoln’s tomb he shared it with me. In it the true story of how they exhumed the former president’s body twice fills the pages. That’s when inspiration struck. (Don’t worry, I’m not doing Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Part Deux.)


So, working title is really obvious: “Lincoln’s Tomb.” I’m not going to really share much more than that as I feel the angle is unique and I’d like it to remain as such. As far as dedicating a story to my sister, since she’s losing out on getting her own Birthday month, I plan to dedicate next month to her.

As you may have guessed, I’m still horribly behind on previous months. Even though I haven’t physically written them down I’ve thought about each of them a lot so I think when I finally (soon) buckle down to catch up I think the actual writing will go fast.

Wish me luck! #amwriting

Image credit: Scoopnest

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