Finish Line Crossed: I finished my January short story!

I did it! A little more under the wire than I wanted but I finished! Cue music (that we’ve already established I can’t hear, but cue it anyway)!

I’m so pleased with myself cue the Snoopy happy dance. One of the things besides actually finishing stories I start that I hope this project will help me get better with is executing a more polished ending. I actually like the way this one ended though.

Like I said, I’m not going to share the stories on here but I plan on having a few people read them. This one ended pretty close to how I visualized it and it ended up being over 13,000 words long.

One month down 11 more to go! I was just worried if I didn’t finish this month on time or didn’t finish it at all it could set me up to fail to complete the whole project.

2 thoughts on “Finish Line Crossed: I finished my January short story!

    1. I’m not quite ready to share yet but I will definitely share with you soon. If you want to read some of my stuff you can read my other blog “Watching Pop Culture With My Parents” where I write a bit more (not fiction) and make fun of your sister! 😂 Thanks so much for your support. It is greatly appreciated. 💗


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