January Story: Calling all superheroes

So my January story for #12monthsofstories is a bit of a cheat because I came up with it a few months ago. I figured I was starting so late in the month I was allowed a bit of a cheat and these first few months might actually be cheats because like I mentioned earlier I start things but don’t finish them when it comes to my creative writing (hence the need for this blog).

A few months ago my Dad got me a book called “500 Writing Prompts.” (Thankfully not called “500 Days of Summer” like the movie because he really didn’t like that movie. Even though I like that movie and ❤️ Joseph Gordon-Levit.) I’m not really one who needs prompts but I thought it might be good for discipline (a reoccurring theme on this blog, I’m afraid).

The first prompt inspired this first short story of the year. The prompt goes a little something like this: “While at the beach you write a message in a bottle. What would it say and who would find it?”

The working title is “Calling All Superheroes.” I’m not a super fan of the title (see what I did there?). However, it will work for now. #12monthsofstories #January12monthofstories #amwriting

Hint: The story kind of features “Invisible Woman” (as seen above in cartoon form above).

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