#TBIthursday: Superstitious Thoughts and Book Review of “Black Kids”

I talk about something I have noticed is different since my severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in this week’s #TBIthursday installment. My psychologist has called it “superstitious thoughts.” I explain what that means and I also discuss the young adult novel “Black Kids.” … More #TBIthursday: Superstitious Thoughts and Book Review of “Black Kids”

Brain Injury Month: Book Review

Here’s a book review of Leslie Jamison’s collection of essays on illness and empathy, “The Empathy Exams.” Since March is Brain Injury Awareness Month, I have decided to do my featured posts (book review, pop culture, essay, writing update and extra pop culture content) related to brain injury or illness. This is my book review. “The Empathy Exams” is a book of essays on injury, recovery, illness and empathy instead of specifically on brain injury. … More Brain Injury Month: Book Review