Swaying Selby

My sweet little pup Selby has to have surgery this week and I have learned that if ever there was a helicopter (you know, hovering) dog mom, I certainly am one. I’ve also learned you can really buy ANYTHING on Amazon (I mean, I knew this but in preparation for her recovery I have bought some strange things)!

A few weeks ago we noticed that Selby was limping. After she went to the vet and then a surgeon/specialist we learned she has a torn CCL (Cranial Cruciate Ligament) which is the doggy version of an ACL. Apparently this is a very common injury in dogs and common surgery. Even so, I wish she wasn’t in pain.

How did she get this injury? We think she slipped on ice a few weeks ago. Ugh! Stupid Minnesota, why do you have to be so cold and icy?! I have always been worried about the people in my life slipping on ice but now I have to worry about the animals too?!! Stupid, Minnesota!

Selby and I are so connected (usually literally as she is usually on my lap) and she is so concerned and empathetic towards me (I am serious, she is upset when I am, etc.) that I can’t help but feel really bad that she is going through this. I suppose it’s also because she has been my constant support and unofficial therapy and hearing dog that makes me so on edge that she is hurt.

To lighten the mood a little I thought I would share some of the strange things I have bought on Amazon in preparation for her recovery.

So judge me for being a nutty dog lady… I am and I don’t care! This little pup is the sweetest (her middle name is Sweetie after all)!

A Selby Sweetie Conclusion

This is the proof of delivery photo from Amazon and this isn’t the first time her little face makes an appearance (look at the window by the door near the floor)! 🤣
An extra COVID mask makes a perfect hat!

4 thoughts on “Swaying Selby

  1. Selby is so lucky to have you on her support team. I wish her a complete and quick recovery and with you the strength and necessary knowledge to help her when necessary. Our pets usually seem so strong and able to do everything. But when they need us, they need us completely. You are a wonderful and caring Dog-Mom and will be an integral part of Selby’s recovery.

    Wishing you both a positive experience and recovery. Lynne


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