An artful Easter

I haven’t posted a weekly blog yet so I thought I would squeeze one in on Easter. I have been experiencing a lot of different brain injury symptoms that are slowing me down. However, I have still been turning to art frequently as a therapy and just an enjoyable exercise. So I wanted to share some art that I have created lately.

Disclaimer: I am not an artist and really only started after my brain injury. I find making and sharing my creations very enjoyable.

An Image I graphic designed in Canva.

Watercolor Framed Art for Spring and Easter

I followed a design I saw online but definitely made this my own. I used watercolor and Posca pens. The figurines my Mom has had for years and the colors just happened to really match (I didn’t plan this).
A Spring watercolor of my favorite flowers. I used watercolor but I also cut the images out and glued them onto each other.
I thought of this and had to do it since it was silly and featured Selby (and that’s supposed to be a bunny). The tray sitting in front of the picture is filled with wooden eggs that I got on Amazon and painted last year.

A Homemade Card

I made several homemade cards (I draw and watercolor on plain watercolor cards) to give to family for Easter. This is just one of them.

Front of the card: featuring Bella (my sister’s dog).
Inside of card: A bunny pun as delivered by Selby!
Back of card: I always put something on the back of the card. Usually a joke featuring a dog!

A Selby Sweetie Conclusion- Easter Themed

While I was making my cards Selby helped Grandma and Grandpa dye Easter eggs 🥚!

3 thoughts on “An artful Easter

  1. Happy Belated Easter to you and your family, Laura! Your artwork is not only great therapy but is probably building new neural pathways, so keep it up!

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    1. Thank you, Karen! I was telling my parents about your encouragement to write about my “faulty librarian” analogy and when explaining it I came up with some more descriptions for it and they loved it and your idea. So I am actively writing it! ❤️

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