New Year, Same Goal

In the second half of 2021 I was partaking in a Zoom writing group that has given me new direction and drive. Before it I felt like I was writing in a void. Now I know that there are others with similar ambitions to be published and read.

I have decided to focus as much energy as I can on finishing my memoir in 2022. To aid myself in this goal I have decided to switch up the blog a little. Instead of posting on Thursdays for #TBIthursday I have decided to change my posting schedule to Mondays for something I am calling #MemoirMondays. Apparently my advanced degrees in English and Library Science mean I REALLY like alliteration!

So this post was really a belated #TBIthursday post to tell about the new Monday posting schedule. Because in 2022 may be a new year but I still have the same old goal of finishing my brain injury memoir.

I found this goal planner in Canva and I think I might try to fill it out for the next post.

The goal planner I found in Canva that looks promising.

I haven’t decided if the structure of the blog posts will change but I am still doing Daily Doodles so I will most likely continue including those. And the world needs all the Selby pictures it can get so I will likely continue concluding with those!

Daily Doodle Weekly Project Highlight

Selby loves packages delivered to our door!

A Selby Sweetie Conclusion

I am going through photos and this one from February is TOO CUTE!

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