A short but sweet message from a holiday elf

The last two blogs were my gift guides in preparation for the holidays. I started off with a guide of memoirs to give as gifts (or add to your wish list) and then did pop culture gift guides. Since we are winding closer to Christmas I decided no more gift guides. Also, those gift guides took me some time on the computer to compose and currently my TBI brain is YELLING at me to “cool it with the digital screens!” (yes, my TBI brain talks to me and oddly it sounds like the heckling old guy muppets Statler and Waldorf from The Muppet Show). So I don’t have a traditional blog for you. Instead I have silliness and cuteness and imagery because honestly as we near the end of 2021 “silliness, cuteness and imagery” could be a new tagline for this blog this year!

This is a message from a Christmas Elf that is a good reminder!

My little message from a Christmas Elf is a reminder to myself to practice kindness both towards others and towards myself. Because this is the time of year when especially in American culture we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to achieve “the perfect Christmas” when in actuality a lot of that is ideas of consumerism forced on us by society. I have to remind myself that the perfect gift for my family would really be a non-grumpy Laura!!

Daily Doodle Weekly Projects

Selby as Rudolph because we all know her freckles make her magical!
Computer time is hard on my TBI but in this case it felt worth it!
Packages may eventually get delivered by drones… why not puppies too?!

A Selby Sweetie Conclusion

A Christmas cutie!

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