How I take care of a foggy TBI brain #TBIthursday

Today I planned to post a book review of a book I really enjoyed. Instead of rushing through it with a foggy TBI brain I am listening to my body and logging off computers and devices for the day and taking a nice luxurious nap 💤. If I have learned anything in my nearly 5 years of being a person with a severe TBI, it’s that I need to listen to my body. My hearing may be wacky but listening to my body is one thing I can hear and do! 😉

So I will do my book review/recommendation of Britt Bennett’s “The Vanishing Half” later when my brain is less hazy. Speaking of haze, where I live in Minnesota (and also where our lake cabin is) has been really affected by Canadian wildfires. The air quality through much of Minnesota is greatly affected. Because of this I have been cautious going outside. I even got some N95 masks so I could attend some of my nephew’s baseball games. The result was far from a fashion statement but after a year and a half of a global pandemic that caused us all to wear masks, no one took a second look at me in my crazy getup at the baseball game.

I will leave with a brain fog image I made and also a traditional Selby Sweetie Conclusion.

A Selby Sweetie Conclusion

Sometimes she’s a cat and sits on the top of the sofa!

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