Pop Culture: Top 5 Lists and How to Share Them With Family #TBIthursday

Sure I write about serious topics like living with a severe Traumatic Brain Injury and hearing loss. Sure I share advice and practical tips. But I need to blow off steam like the next guy! So that’s why I am talking about pop culture this week.

I would like to discuss the top 5 (or so) movies my parents and I are sharing with each other. Because my “must see” movies that I quote frequently aren’t necessarily ones they’ve seen… “INCONCEIVABLE!”

Laura’s Top 5 Movies to Share

I am a movie lover (I have documented this numerous times, notably: here and here). So I thought of doing this list of movies that I think my parents (who have become my new roommates since my TBI injury in 2016) should see. I chose these movies because I think they would enjoy them and I certainly wouldn’t mind watching them again. I have made this list not to be patronizing and thinking I know more about movies, I made this list with every intention of my parents making their own lists. They did make their own lists. However, not just movies. Even so, it will make for a fun passing of the time together. See my list in the graphic and listed below.

Laura’s Top 5 Movies to Share:

  • “The Princess Bride”
  • “Breakfast Club”
  • “Grease”
  • “Mean Girls”
  • “Clueless”

Ron/Dad’s List of Top 5 Movies to Share

I wasn’t sure if Dad would want to share books or movies but he was eager to share movies. As a retired American History teacher these all take that historical lens. I am excited to work our way through this list as there are a few on here I always meant to see but haven’t.

Dad’s Top 5 Movies To Share:

  • All the President’s Men
  • The Hunt For Red October
  • Lonesome Dove
  • Seven Days in May
  • The Manchurian Candidate (1962)

Maggie/Mom’s Top 5 TV Shows to Share

Mom isn’t a big movie watcher. She watches with us but when I said “list your favorite movies” she gave me a blank look. These are truthfully all shows we watch but we enjoy them all and watch them regularly. We also are many seasons behind on Great British Bake-Off (so maybe we can catch up with those instead of watching movies for her selection).

Mom’s list of Top 5 TV shows to Share:

  • Good Bones (HGTV)
  • Escape to the Chateau (HGTV)
  • Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations (Travel Channel)
  • Great British Bake-Off (PBS/Netflix)
  • Home Town (HGTV)
Selby DOES actually watch TV and movies and these are her favorites, picks from a pop culture puppy!

Bonus is: Selby’s movie recommendations (and her favorite commercial). If you haven’t seen the Geico commercial you can find it here on YouTube (I have been known to play it loud on my phone to get Selby to come to me). Selby watches everything with us but she truly loves to watch these selections!

So I do plan to watch all these things with my parents, not as something we have to do but something fun.

Daily Doodle Weekly Project Highlights

A Selby Sweetie Conclusion

Not to worry, Selby has been reunited with her Lambi (that we forgot a few weeks ago at our lake cabin).

8 thoughts on “Pop Culture: Top 5 Lists and How to Share Them With Family #TBIthursday

  1. Hmm. Each of your lists stays generally on one or two topics. I thought my list would have more variety. Well, I made my list and found that they were all very violent films. Distressed to learn ‘violent’ my ‘type’.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I think when choosing what I wanted to put in my list I kind of stayed in my “daughter” wheelhouse so a lot are teen, etc. What’s on your list?


      1. Yes, they remade point break. I believe it had a skydiving plot. The thing they overlooked is the best thing about point break is Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. In defense of myself for not listing movies, who can resist watching older versions of “British Baking Championship” with Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood!

    Liked by 1 person

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