Having compassion #TBIthursday

A thought I have had lately “Is having compassion out of style?” Passion and being passionate about a cause or something is certainly in fashion, however having compassion for others (especially those with differing opinions) doesn’t seem to be popular. While that question leads to a lot of bigger questions I have decided to treat MYSELF to a little compassion today. Self-care is a buzzword now but I am practicing my own version of that with self compassion today.

While I could spend time writing and constructing a long blog all about how the world seems to be trending towards being less compassionate, spending time creating that wouldn’t be good for my head and headache. So I am practicing self compassion by being easy on myself and trying to stay off computers and devices while I nurse a bad headache that has been lasting days (my Traumatic Brain Injury is really sensitive to barometric pressure changes and it’s been very cold and a little snowy here).

It may seem selfish to focus a post on compassion on myself… but that wasn’t my original intent (the headache interfered). Also, you know how in airplanes they tell you to apply your own oxygen mask before you help others (in case of an emergency). Well, this blog post is me applying my own oxygen mask first. I plan to write more about compassion later.

So instead of a long post here is a picture of Selby wearing boots (I got them from Amazon) and her little coat (another Amazon purchase). She makes me smile and I hope she makes you smile too!

Who buys boots, a coat, and a scarf for their pup? I do!!!

Daily Doodle featured weekly project

I figured this picture was a good accompaniment to the Selby boots picture!

This a very true sentiment for me. 🐶❤️✨

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