Oops… The Conclusion missing from #TBIthursday

I accidentally sent out my #TBIthursday blog post before I had properly concluded it. (Read the beginning of this post here.)

Image from Pixabay.

I suppose that’s oddly appropriate since my hearing is hopefully still evolving. I think that’s the point I was trying to make to myself (that’s why I charted it the way I did). I’m still evolving. Even though on bad days (and most days to me) it doesn’t seem like my hearing is evolving… it’s important for me to remember that it is evolving!

I think what I (and most people) get stuck on is comparing myself to others. That will only make me unhappy because there is always someone who has it worse and someone who has it better. In my TBI recovery, I have yet to meet someone whose hearing is as affected as mine (but I need to get over saying that…) I think this needs be something I work on moving on from. It must be what is troubling me now (and why I am up writing this in the middle of the night, unable to sleep). As a teenager, I was unhappy because I compared my growing and changing body to the more developed bodies of others. I grew out of comparing myself like that and have been much happier. So now I need to grow in my TBI journey past the comparison phase. Because I can never be happy as ME and I can’t move forward if I am always looking backwards or looking around! In other words: keep your eyes on your own paper, Laura!

12 thoughts on “Oops… The Conclusion missing from #TBIthursday

  1. If you have seen one brain injury, you have seen one. No two peoples are the same, struggles aren’t the same, daily side effects, etc. comparison is horrible normally, even worst in the TBI world. Just focus on you and do all you can for you and your health:)

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      1. Thank you. You have been on a few podcasts and things but I can’t partake in them because of my hearing limitations. That’s really amazing that you’re connecting with all these different people and doing that.

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      2. Well I am glad you post and have your blog and are writing a book:) Sharing in whatever way you can despite your inabilities with podcasts. There so many ways to share and all are so important:)

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