How to Survive and Thrive in a Pandemic (With Your Parents)

I haven’t written about the virus and pandemic that is spreading the globe. I think the reason is that I hoped it would go away as fast it arrived. Well, as Americans are quarantined and keeping a safe distance from each other (#socialdistancing) and schools, stores, and businesses are shut down, it seems my hope of a quick disappearance of COVID-19 is out of the question. So what’s a middle-aged woman who lives with her parents and her adorable dog to do? I’m doing what I’ve always been good at. Entertaining myself. And now I’m entertaining my parents (and you hopefully with this blog).

So take a moment. Sit right there. While I tell you how I became a prince of a town called Bel-Air (that was for all my 80s and 90s kids and fans of Will Smith’s 1990s sitcom “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”). 😂

Since my parents and I are all on the lists of people vulnerable to COVID-19 and America is starting to get more serious about putting restrictions on the movements of its citizens, we are spending A LOT of (quality?) time together. Since the world 🌎 is also in this position (I can’t think of a moment in MY lifetime that something had the world gripped in such a collective vice), I thought I would share what I’m doing to not go nutty (my parents may disagree and think I’ve already gone nuts but at least they’re ENTERTAINED)!

My Entertainment Tips For a Quarantine (with your parents/family/pets/dust bunnies)

1. Streaming is your friend: As I have said before, we are spoiled and have quite a few streaming, movie and television means to entertain ourselves. However, these would be WASTED if my parents didn’t have me to be their ”Entertainment Concierge” who picks out things to watch and then just makes them watch it (I don’t MAKE them but they have had good experiences so they keep taking my recommendations). We watched Netflix’s “Restaurants on the Edge” and plan to watch “Emma” (the new theatrical release now available On Demand at the same time it’s in theaters because of the CoronaVirus). Like the new theatrical release of “Emma”, there are several other movies that were going to be released in theaters that are now available to rent On Demand. This is Hollywood’s way of dealing with the global pandemic and still, try and recoup some of their movie costs. Read this Vox article to see a listing of theatrical release movies now available at home (including my choice of “Emma”).

2. Games: Playing board games, cards, etc. has been something my parents and I have started to do more since my accident that gave me a severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). We have several games I’ve purchased as gifts that we haven’t played yet. This is a good time to try those out. And of course, there are always the tried and true games like Yahtzee. Selby likes to sit and watch as long as she can sit ON ME!

3. Virtual Traveling: We were planning a trip that we’ve had to postpone because of COVID-19. So what are we doing to raise our spirits and combat cabin fever? Virtually traveling. In addition to watching “Restaurants on the Edge” (which features restaurants from all over the world), we also watch “House Hunters International” on HGTV (in the USA). Both shows allow us to visit places without leaving our armchairs. I have also started to get emails from TripSavvy which is normally a website with travel tips. Smartly, since the COVID-19 outbreak reached global levels, TripSavvy has changed the focus of their eblasts to recommend websites to visit to virtually travel. Here’s a list of webcams so you can go on a virtual safari. Or here is another TripSavvy article, the “12 Best Virtual Vacations.” Don’t get bummed out that you can’t go to the places you’re viewing. We’re all in the same boat (or couch/comfy chair).

4. Reading and Art Projects: And for those times when we all want to crawl into our separate corners of the house (so we don’t jump down each other’s throats, etc.) we need some things we do individually (or at least I do). I’ve read a few books I will eventually review here. And I discovered a new to me YouTube channel called WowArt where they release a daily video showing a video of acrylic painting. It’s mesmerizing to just watch the videos but it has inspired me to start painting with acrylic paint.

Well, here’s hoping that this global pandemic gets under control soon and life goes back to normal. Until then, share with me what you’re doing to keep busy and entertained.

12 thoughts on “How to Survive and Thrive in a Pandemic (With Your Parents)

  1. I keep forgetting to watch TV. I’m so out of the habit, it never comes to mind. I spend way too much time reading virus updates and viewing the stats. I’ll look for something good to watch tonight. Stay healthy.

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  2. I feel like as TBI survivors we got a one up of how to socially isolate, play games, so puzzles and really find a way to be home and still make it good. Have to find the good from a crappy situation. Love the social traveling 💙

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    1. We just finished watching it. My parents and I loved it!! I highly recommend. It’s very faithful to the book (I love when film adaptions are like the source material).


  3. Thank you for the link to WowArt. The daily challenge #90, Magic Night Acrylic Painting is mesmerizing. The creation of the set of four different night scenes along with the music, beautiful!

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