#CreativityForDays Project of the Week: February 29 – March 7, 2020

The #CreativityForDays weekly summary is back with a project I did for International Women’s Day (which is March 8). This was a short but sweet project, therefore, this will be a short but sweet project summary.

Happy International Women’s Day to everyone raised, nurtured, loved, taught and influenced by a woman (i.e. EVERYONE)!

The Weekly Project
An image I #created to celebrate International Women’s Day (find out more about International Women’s Day here).

My image to celebrate International Women’s Day.

  • Book image from Pixabay
  • Woman at typewriter image from Pixabay
  • Virginia Woolf quote from ”Brainy Quote
  • App used to make the woman at typewriter image look like a watercolor painting was ”Watercolor Effect Oil Painting” (I used the free version)
  • App used to graphic design everything (polaroid frame, fonts, etc) was Over (I use the free version)
  • A Few Extras
  • Once I saw how cool 😎 the Watercolor app was, I performed the effect on a few of my pictures (of course of the dogs: @bellajocavalier and @selbysweetie).
  • @bellajocavalier as a watercolor. Using the app ”Watercolor Effect Oil Painting.”
    @selbysweetie using a watercolor effect from the app ”Watercolor Effect Oil Painting.”

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