Oscar Ballot with where to watch the 2020 Oscar Nominated movies

After creating a downloadable PDF of an Oscar ballot with a list of where to watch all the Oscar nominees last year I decided I wanted to do the same thing this year. I watched the announcement of the nominations when they were announced on Monday and now I’m ready to release my downloadable PDF ballot.

(I will post my #creativityfordays post later. Guess what will dominate this week? Hint: he’s gold and goes by his first name.)

Without further ado…

I found a few websites that had already done lists like this so that’s where I grabbed a lot of info: this Mashable article and this Esquire article.

Here’s my downloadable PDF: Oscars 2020 Ballot

As you can see, I haven’t seen too many of the movies yet. I plan to catch up as much as I can by the time the Oscars air on February 9th because as it stands I’ve barely seen anything!

9 thoughts on “Oscar Ballot with where to watch the 2020 Oscar Nominated movies

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    1. I haven’t seen many either. Watching “The Irishman” right now. Plenty of these are on streaming services so I’m trying to watch a few more. I used to see all the Marvel movies too but got behind after my accident. And action movies don’t have the same appeal.

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