Write Your Story: International Day of the Girl

I found out today (Friday, October 11, 2019) is International Day of the Girl when I was looking at Twitter and saw #InspireAGirlIn3Words. Truthfully I was procrastinating on writing by browsing social media. However that hashtag got me thinking. If I could talk to little girl me and tell her 3 words to propel her forward in life, it’s the same three words that I tell present day me so frequently it’s become my mantra. “Write Your Story.” It works for International Day of the Girl because there simply aren’t enough girl and women writers. So I decided to make this little graphic with my 3 word motto. Hopefully it’s inspiring.

International Day of the Girl started October 11, 2012 by the United Nations. It’s an international observance day also called “International Day of the Girl Child” and “Day of the Girl.” Read this article on the U. N. site describing how it’s meant to bring attention to issues concerning women and girls like gender inequality.

Read about charities to donate to that especially benefit girls in this FastCompany article.

Everyone can #writeyourstory but it’s especially needed if your voice is often marginalized and your story unheard (like many women and girls in the world).

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