Writing Update: Still at it?

I’m trying very hard to not be hard on myself for my slow pace in writing my memoir. There’s an oxymoron in there somewhere. Honestly I still have ambitions of being ambitious and one day writing 10,000 words in my memoir so while I’m not beating myself up for writing slowly deep down I still have ambitious goals. Really the writing of my memoir is almost a memoir in itself.


For some reason all the “wisdom” I wrote didn’t post with my last blog. So I put together a new post that you can read here. Oops! 🙊

9 thoughts on “Writing Update: Still at it?

  1. I felt the same way, Laura – that the writing of my memoir is a memoir in itself. I know it’s discouraging. Please hang in there – I firmly believe it will all be worth it – whatever life lessons are there for you to learn, why not take full advantage of them, after all you’ve been through? (BTW – I don’t see the chapter?)

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    1. Thanks for your encouraging words as always, Karen. 😄 It was your comment about there not being a chapter/more to my post that made me realize I had technical difficulties earlier and my post didn’t post as I thought it did.


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