Pop Culture: A Very Brady Renovation

Here’s the story of a lovely awkward kid who grew up with a sister who went through a phase when she was obsessed with watching “The Brady Bunch” reruns (I’m a kid of the 80s). So when that same awkward kid, now grown up (😉 me) saw advertisements for HGTV’s new show “A Very Brady Renovation” (Mondays, 9/8c, HGTV) she (😉 me) knew she had to tune in. Since the show is just premiering the day I post this (Monday, September 9, 2019) this post isn’t a pop culture recommendation as such (since I haven’t seen it yet). It’s more like a pop culture primer! So pay attention boys and girls while I play pop culture teacher and clue you in on some things regarding “The Brady Bunch” and “A Very Brady Renovation.”

HGTV officially announced “A Very Brady Renovation” in November 2018. That’s when they announced they had purchased the iconic home used in “The Brady Bunch” and were partnering its six child stars (now adults) with HGTV stars to renovate the home back to its 1970s “Brady Bunch” inspired glory in a show they were calling “A Very Brady Renovation.” Although immediately the sheen is taken off the television 📺 glamour and mystique because the house that was used for the outside of “The Brady Bunch” is a real residential home (and therefore the house HGTV bought for this show) while the actual show of “The Brady Bunch” was filmed on a set. Therefore the inside of the actual house that was purchased by HGTV for “A Very Brady Renovation” looks nothing like “The Brady Bunch” house as we know it. This promo on the Hollywood Reporter site explains it better than I just did!

If you’re not a regular viewer of HGTV you are probably not going to recognize most of the HGTV designers. So here I am as your pop culture teacher 👩‍🏫 (she says as she pushes up her glasses) to “educate” you on who is who and what HGTV show they’re from.

HGTV Designers

Jonathan and Drew Scott are adorable twins best known as “The Property Brothers” and have several shows on HGTV, including their signature show The Property Brothers (Wednesdays, 9/8c).

Steve and Leanne Ford the brother and sister duo behind “Restored by the Fords” (Tuesdays, 9/8c). This sibling team hasn’t been on HGTV as long as the previously mentioned “Property Brothers” since their show just premiered in 2016.  However, Leanne Ford (the designer of the designer/contractor duo) already has some goods at Target and Steve and Leanne have authored a book: “Work in Progress.”

Karen E Laine and Mina Starsiak Hawk the mother and daughter team that restore and bring new life to dilapidated houses in Indianapolis on their show that’s aired 4 seasons, “Good Bones” (Tuesdays, 9/8c).

Lara Spencer of “Flea Market Flip” (consult your local program guide for times). Spencer is probably better known as a television entertainment reporter (first on “The Insider” and now on “Good Morning America”).

Jasmine Roth of “Hidden Potential” (Mondays,  9/8c) is also newer to the HGTV network (her show is in its second season). Roth, Starsiak, Leanne Ford and Drew Scott are also going to be involved in a new competition show airing this Fall on HGTV called “Rock The Block.”

The Brady Bunch Kids

Maureen McCormick played oldest sister Marcia. McCormick has continued to act since “The Brady Bunch” and appeared in several realty shows as well as writing an autobiography.

Eve Plumb played middle sister Jan. Plumb has also continued acting and has a career as a painter.

Susan Olsen played littlest sister Cindy. Olsen acted some more, went into radio for a while and is also an artist like Plumb.

Barry Williams played oldest brother Greg. Williams continued to act on TV and stage and wrote an autobiography.

Christopher Knight played middle brother Peter. Knight largely moved on from acting and became successful in business and computers. In the 2000s he entered into the realty TV world with VH1’s “The Surreal Life” and then “My Fair Brady.” The latter covered his romance with his “Surreal Life” co-star, Adrianne Curry. Knight now has a another venture “Christopher Knight Brands” with home products, etc. I’ll be curious if they use any of his products on “A Very Brady Renovation.”

Mike Lookinland played youngest brother Bobby. After “The Brady Bunch” ended in 1974, Lookinland worked as a camera operator for years and eventually left Hollywood to operate a decorative concrete business in Salt Lake City.

HGTV paid around $3.5 million to purchase the pre-renovated Brady house and they attached plenty of star power to the renovation show so they are very heavily promoting it. However, I can’t help but get excited when I see the commercials. The Brady Bunch kids/actors appeared on two episodes of “Chopped” in another promotional push for the HGTV show. I have to say all of this promotion is working on me. I’m curious and already have my DVR set to record.

Memoir Writing Update

I haven’t written much more on my memoir since last week’s update. In an epic procrastination session I created the below graphic for my Instagram and Twitter.

8 thoughts on “Pop Culture: A Very Brady Renovation

    1. Glad I could be your pop culture reporter! They’re not billing it as a sequel, more a “home renovation show.” However, to that end the more you know about “The Brady Bunch” the better!

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  1. After viewing, I have so many more questions. Any idea how much the childhood stars are getting paid for their appearances? And how much did they make back in the day?

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