POP CULTURE: Lazy One- A Product Recommendation

I’ve always liked to be comfortable. Especially while sleeping. This means I wear COMFORTABLE (read: sometimes unattractive) pajamas. I also love a good joke. I get this from my Dad. He was a high school teacher 👨🏼‍🏫 (he also looks like this male teacher emoji) for almost 40 years and was known in our school district for his jokes and puns! Well I found a company a few years ago that has upped my pajama game considerably. They make CUTE, COMFORTABLE, pajamas and slippers that oftentimes have animal-related jokes on them. Like the ones that I have with 🐑 🐑 on them that say “Fast Asheep 🐑.” They are called Lazy One. They’re out of Utah. I found them in the hospital gift shop when I was recovering from my accident. Now I mainly order them online.

A collection of Lazy One pajamas I own.

My favorite style they have is the “Legging Set” in the women’s pajamas. They make me very happy to wear because as a taller woman (5’9″) I have struggled in the past with pajama pants that shrink and become a ridiculous length after minimal washings.

I don’t know if you noticed but one of the legging sets above says “May the Forest Be With You.” I know which pajamas I’m wearing on May 4th and probably May 3rd so I wake up on May 4th wearing them. (Because May 4th is for the punny nerds where you run around and say “It’s May 4th! May the 4th (force) be with you!” 🤓😆)

“May The Forest Be With You” Women’s Legging Set from Lazy One: https://www.lazyone.com/products/may-the-forest-be-with-you-womens-legging-set-1424/

In addition to comfy pajamas that I have a lot of they also make slippers I’ve gotten for myself and my Mom too (the slippers even fit her giant Hobbit feet 😆). The main style of slippers I have is called “Fuzzy Feet.” My Dad even found some Lazy One slippers and socks he got for me at the gift shop of the museum where he volunteers. The style of slippers he found are the ones in the lower right of the picture below and they’re called “Mukluks.” (They’re buffalo plaid, a pattern my sister is obsessed with.)

A collection of the slippers my Mom and I have.

I would like to be awarded some sort of prize for practicing restraint because I haven’t bought Selby matching dog pajamas even though they have them. My restraint is lessening though because really life is too short not to have matching pajamas with your dog. Especially when your dog is as cute as Selby (admire her cuteness on the Instagram page I have for her: @selbysweetie). Here I am wearing some Lazy One pajamas with Selby but she’s (gasp) naked and not wearing matching pajamas because I am silly and felt I should be an adult and not have my dog have pajamas. Boring! Sorry, Selby. Dog and family matching pajamas found here.

I urge you to check out their website because they are very reasonably priced, comfortable and well made. I’ve also had good luck with their shipping. In addition to the products I mentioned they also have pajamas and slippers for men, children and babies. They also have houseware items, including mugs, Sherpa blankets, notepads (a gift I’ve given), oven mitts and aprons. They also have onesies (for adults and babies alike). They even have what they call “flapjacks” which are pajamas with a snap-open flap on the butt! 🍑😆

As I did in my earlier product review of “The Negg” I’m going to review the company “Lazy One” and it’s pajamas and slippers based on the following criteria:

1) What the product’s name is and what it does. 2) If it’s “recommended by the blog” and that means all three of us (Mom, Dad and me) like the product. 3) Cost (I will usually cover either what we paid (if I remember) or what you might be able to get online. 4) Where to purchase (links to websites or suggestions of where to find in person). 5) “Ease of Use for Parents” is my category that acknowledges that the parental units may not be as technology savvy as their kids! 😆😉

  • What: Lazy One pajamas, slippers, etc.
  • Recommended by the blog? YES
  • Cost: Various. Women’s Legging Set Pajamas, $38.99; Fuzzy Feet slippers, $12.99 (I’ve also seen some styles marked on sale for $5.20 here.
  • Where to Purchase: Official Website (or gift shops [I found at a hospital gift shop and museum one] in person).
  • Ease of Use for the Parents: EASY (low/no tech) #parentalfriendlyproduct My parents aren’t really adept at shopping online (they leave that to ME). However, we have found these products at several gift stores in person. And it’s as I’ve said to my parents many times: IT’S VERY EASY AND SAFE TO ORDER ONLINE!

So with that glowing recommendation, I highly recommend Lazy One.

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