POP CULTURE: Considering a Merger

I’m considering merging my two blogs, this one and my writing one, “The Writing Never Stops” into one blog. Which means I would stop this blog and roll any pop culture posts into my other blog.

I started this blogging journey in January 2018 with every intent of just having one blog. And then I got really into blogging once I realized how fun and easy it was to write, design and post new blog posts. Then I got a little overzealous and created this blog. In all honesty writing this blog is like writing in a diary that no one sees or a void (an Internet void… think MySpace [a little Internet joke for you, that I will have to explain to my parents]). Because I really don’t have too many people reading it. Other than the TBI post I did a few weeks ago that got publicized by the Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA), I have few readers or social engagement on this particular blog.

This one has always been my silly one. 😜 My less serious one. My pop culture one. The blog I do for fun. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy the other one too (on my creative writing), it’s just usually a little more serious. Well, I’ve gotten involved with communicating with more writers on Twitter (#writingcommunity) and I was asking what they thought of balancing blogging and writing. The consensus was as long as I felt the blogging was aiding my writing and not hindering it, to continue. I think having TWO blogs that I post in weekly is hindering my writing. I have a lot of writing goals for this Spring and my new weekly blogging schedule is a commitment. So if I merge my pop culture and parent posts (and apparently alliteration) into my writing blog that should free up some time to reach some writing goals like the ones I list below:

So I think I’ve pretty well decided to merge the 2 blogs. I’m not exactly sure when the merger will take place. I had some blog posts planned for this blog already. So either I’ll keep this going until I post those, or I’ll just roll them into my Writing Blog. I will no longer have to call my writing blog my “writing blog” as it will just be able to be my blog! And I think I’ll have to do a new blog schedule when the merger happens, but I’ll post that on the writing blog.

Stay tuned to this blog though because I’ll let you know when the merger officially happens.

As always, thanks for tuning in!

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