POP CULTURE: Now that’s a good bake!

My parents and I just started watching “The Great British Bake Off” (GBBO) and we’re catching up with past seasons on Netflix. We are down to the final four of season one. I have my predictions on who wins… but I’m purposely NOT Googling the results (even though the season we’re watching is from 2010). My Mom and I enjoy it more than my Dad but he does always get sucked into watching an episode with us. (I personally think he likes it more than he lets on.)

Even little puppy Selby seems kind of into it. Granted she’s just happy to sit on my lap and gets lulled into sleepiness by lilting British accents (because of my hearing issues I can’t quite hear the accents but watching something with British in the title I know they’re there)! Since I’ve been living with my parents again after my injury, the speed at which we binge watch has slowed to a snail’s 🐌 pace. I used to binge watch much faster when I lived alone. Oh well. Can’t say I’m too bothered by that!

My Mom and I love baking shows. We love watching sweets get made almost as much as we love eating them! Almost. I’m not kidding when I say I love buttercream frosting. Selby is just lucky her name isn’t Buttercream! We love “Kid’s Baking Championship”, “Holiday Baking Championship”, “Spring Baking Championship,” etc. on the Food Network. So it’s really just an oversight on my part that I haven’t been having us watch GBBO. I’ve tried to get us into “Buddy vs. Duff” on Food Network and my Dad leaves the room in protest. He watched an episode with me and couldn’t STAND Buddy Valastro. My Dad is a very sweet and gentle retired high school History teacher. He’s pretty humble. So when he saw Buddy strutting around insisting he was the best and being a jerk about it, my Dad COULDN’T STAND IT! I’m not sure I’ll last a whole season of that show. My love of Duff just can’t cover Buddy’s ego! [Side Note: A comedian I like, Paul F. Tompkins does a funny impression that he does on podcasts, etc. Here he is on Comedy Bang Bang as Buddy/Cake Boss. I try and think of Paul and that Impression so I can try to find Buddy less obnoxious.]

I will say I have noticed the British baked goods are definitely different American baked goods. I’ve been to England a few times and definitely my little trips didn’t cover these more detailed treats. Never mind that we don’t know what they taste like. They still look lovely. And after watching this show, we know a good bake when we see it!

Infographic from: https://www.finedininglovers.com/blog/food-drinks/different-british-cakes/

I can’t promise we’ll finish season (or Series as they say in the UK) 1 of “The Great British Bake Off” in a timely manner. But hopefully we do!

As the hosts would say: “Ready. Set. Bake!”

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