POP CULTURE: Product Recommendation: I’m not cracking up, “The Negg” is no yolk!

I’ve decided to start a new feature for this blog. Since I talk about technology and pop culture and convenience on this blog I thought I would start doing a product recommendation. Most of the things that I will end up recommending are probably going to be online/tech/apps, etc. since life really seems to be going in that direction. However my first product recommendation is relatively low-fi. Yet considering the innovation in the product in that it’s adding ease to a once laborious task; it’s actually kind of hi-fi/hi-tech.

My first product recommendation is “The Negg.” It peels a hard boiled egg 🥚 with ease. See a “The Negg” official YouTube video here.

Especially with Easter 🐣 coming up, those families who celebrate it and celebrate it by dying Easter eggs, my discussion of The Negg comes at the perfect time. My niece and nephew have always enjoyed hard boiled eggs and my Mom likes to make them for them. So she was VERY excited to discover this product.

We found ours at a gift shop but I have seen them around. I’ve even seen them on this website I follow (but haven’t ordered from yet) called “The Grommet.” The Grommet promotes inventor-marketed products like “The Negg” that are usually invented by a person or small company looking to solve a common problem.

I may end up reviewing/recommending “The Grommet” in one of these features some day (once I finally buckle down and order from them). It’s a website that curates maker and small business developed products that provide innovative solutions. In a world that’s saturated with technology I find it increasingly interesting how people are going backwards in terms of living with less, growing and living off the land and making their own products. It’s fascinating really.

But that’s hardly anything to do with “The Negg” (unless you think of all the urban farming happening now and how people are raising chickens 🐓 in the city for eggs. Instead of “Sex and the City” it’s Chicken and the City!”) I will say I recommend this product for how easy it was to use. My Mom was shaking it like a pro to make egg salad within minutes of pulling it out of the box. Just add a little cold water to the Negg, place in your hard boiled egg and place the lid back on the Negg. Then give it a good shake. The website says to “shake it up and down until the sound the egg makes diminishes.” As someone who is severely hearing impaired I will say sound and hearing are NOT imperative as you’ll be able to SEE the shell start to peel off the egg.

I also highly recommend it for how much use I can see us getting out of this. We don’t have hard boiled eggs a lot but we have them often enough. And now with this trusty thing, I can see them being made more often.

In short, pick yourself up a “Negg” in time for Easter and impress the Easter bunny 🐰.

Rating System For Product Recommendations: I’ve decided to create some categories that I will always discuss in the product recommendations.

1) What the product’s name is and what it does. 2) If it’s “recommended by the blog” and that means all three of us (Mom, Dad and me) like the product. 3) Cost (I will usually cover either what we paid (if I remember) or what you might be able to get online. 4) Where to purchase (links to websites or suggestions of where to find in person). 5) “Ease of Use for Parents” is my category that acknowledges that the parental units may not be as technology savvy as their kids! 😆😉

  • What: “The Negg” (hard boiled egg peeler)
  • Recommended by the blog? YES
  • Cost: $17.95
  • Where to Purchase: Official Website, The Grommet, Amazon, (or gift shops in person).
  • Ease of Use for the Parents: EASY (low/no tech) #parentalfriendlyproduct

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