October Story Completed and Writing Schedule Updated

Much delayed (as per usual, unfortunately) but I’ve FINALLY completed my October story. To refresh your memory it was the one I was writing to dedicate to my Dad, the retired high school history teacher 👨‍🏫 and history buff. Its working title is “Lincoln’s Tomb” and it’s about the people who were involved in exhuming Lincoln’s body in 1901 when Robert Lincoln (eldest son of President Lincoln) requested the body be more secured in the tomb it was in where the public could see it in Springfield, Illinois. It was agreed since there had been an earlier attempt (in 1873) to steal the body, to exhume it and confirm it was in fact Abraham Lincoln.

From Quora.com

Two plumbers were recruited to unseal the casket and 23 spectators viewed the body and confirmed it was indeed President Abraham Lincoln. The body was then put in a more secure place in the tomb. After reading about it, the sheer number of times they rebuilt the tomb and the body was almost stolen, etc. it’s surprising Lincoln didn’t come back to life and say “Okay, I had a hard life. I did a lot for this country. Can’t I get a little peace in death?” Sorry, Mr. Lincoln. I hope you like that movie, “Lincoln,” with Daniel Day Lewis from a few years back (2012) and sorry about “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” (both in book and movie form).

As you may have figured, I’m behind on my ambitious November short story schedule. So I’ve revised it. The old schedule had me finishing stories on Mondays and Fridays. Now I’m doing Wednesdays and Saturdays (only because I just finished Lincoln I won’t finish my May story until tomorrow instead of today, so the calendar below reflects that).


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