POP CULTURE: Boise Boys- A Must Watch

I’m not sure I’ve fully admitted how much I like HGTV on this blog. I do. My Mom does too and we’re slowly converting my Dad. I can #bingewatch HGTV shows very easily. I think if I started a TV network of shows that just showed reveals, before and afters and makeovers but focused on the after, I’d have something. There’s something so oddly satisfying about a reveal of a beautiful home, etc. (I also am a sucker for a great movie montage.) Recently my Mom and I discovered a new show on HGTV called “Boise Boys” and the before and afters certainly don’t disappoint!

Image Credit: HGTV

The premise is that it follows 2 friends: Luke Caldwell (the designer) and Clint Robertson (the contractor) in Boise, ID that flip homes. Yes, it’s another home flipping show, but you’re instantly won over by their personalities. They call themselves an odd couple and they really are. Read this article to get a little more information on them. Luke is the straight man to Clint’s more wacky guy (his facial reactions are so plasticine). Luke looks like a hipster with trendy hair and skinny jeans while Clint looks like he a burly contractor combined with Drew Carey (circa “The Drew Carey Show” not present day). I was interested to find out that Clint actually was a runner-up on a season of “The Apprentice” in 2011 with now President Donald Trump. (I kind of can’t imagine that combination!)

Image Credit: Timber & Love

They are definitely entertaining to watch but Luke is a really talented designer and so the reveals are incredibly satisfying and beautiful. There’s heart to the show too because both are family men who show their families on the show. And in the season finale (which aired on May 30th, and HGTV has yet to reveal if they’re renewing the show) they designed a house that *spoiler alert 🚨 * they end up not flipping the house and instead Luke and his wife buy it to live in with their 6 young kids. In a heartwarming moment Clint talks it over with his wife and decides to wave the markup fees for the house and just have Luke pay what they paid for it, so Clint won’t make a profit so his friend can live in his dream home with his family. 💗 If that doesn’t make you want to watch all of the first season of “Boise Boys” I don’t know what will.

So I really hope HGTV renews Boise Boys for season 2 (the ratings mentioned in this article make me hopeful). If I need to Tweet at HGTV daily to get them to renew this show, I’ll do it!!

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