Howling at the moon 🌙 and committing to a blog schedule

Last night we experienced a lunar eclipse and a super moon. My dog Selby and I celebrated by wearing our pajamas (well I did… she doesn’t have matching pajamas… yet) and howling at the moon. Again, it was ME who howled at the moon and she just looked at me curiously (I never said I was NORMAL 😜).

I have a point for sharing this story besides the fact that I don’t really get embarrassed after my brain injury. It leads me to my very first essay of the year. However, before I get into that I wanted to share a little preliminary blog schedule I’ve come up with.

I’ve decided to post on Mondays. I used to dislike Mondays as a kid and when I was overwhelmed with work and graduate school as an adult. Now that I’m recovering from serious injuries (and leading a less stressful life) those stressful Mondays seem like years (if not a lifetime) ago. So I’m taking Mondays back and putting a happier (less stressful) spin on it. A friend posted on Facebook a while ago that she had heard on the radio where the DJs of this station were sharing their happy moments and calling it #MondayHappy. My social media is kind of a place of happy (usually) so #MondayHappy seemed like an easy thing to do. I’ve been known to say that social media is what you put into it. If you post happy and silly things (like I do) that’s usually what you’ll get back. If you post hatred and vitriol it will just boomerang back to you (usually). So I’ve decided to post my blogs once a week on Mondays and hopefully each post will be another entry in my #MondayHappy and the happiness will just boomerang back to me!

The following is a little graphic I made up to illustrate the topics I may post.

1st Monday of the Month = Book 📖 Review

2nd Monday of the Month = Author Recommendation

3rd Monday of the Month = Essay

4th Monday of the Month = Updates on Creative Writing or Creative Writing Pursuits

Now for the essay. This will be a lot shorter than a typical essay since this post is already long. As I mentioned earlier, my Traumatic Brain Injury has kind of left me without embarrassment. So I can do things like howl at the moon with my puppy. I do things like that because they make others smile (like my parents). And one thing I’ve really learned after all the pain and suffering I’ve been through and my family has been through it’s that a laugh is definitely worth some silliness. So you know the famous poem and saying “when I’m an old lady I shall wear purple…” basically saying that if you have the luxury of living to old age you’re going to give into whims and be silly and not worry about embarrassing yourself. Well, I think surviving a nearly fatal accident has fast forwarded that process for me.

I was always willing to be silly to make others laugh. But now I truly know the value in a laugh.

Here’s hoping your Monday was a happy one or you had an aspect to it you could appreciate as your #MondayHappy.

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