POP CULTURE: Nerd 🤓 Alert 🚨: Stars ⭐️ on Ice

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here. I got sucked into watching the Olympics (and following Olympians on Twitter and Instagram). Side note: if you’re not following U.S. Figure Skater and Olympian Adam Rippon (@adaripp on Instagram and Twitter please do, he’s so much fun). I got so sucked into figure skating ⛸ (my favorite winter Olympic sport) that I got my parents and even my puppy 🐶 sucked in too (I’ll tweet the video of Selby and I “figure skating” so go to @popwatching for a giggle).

Drawing of figure skates

Truthfully I easily get my parents sucked in to my pop culture obsessions (that is what this blog is about after all). And roping the puppy in was easy. She couldn’t really resist and she’s the only one in the family who would let me (or that I could– I’m weak) lift above my head in my attempt to pairs figure skate.

So in May when Stars on Ice comes to town my parents and I are going to see it (if I could have smuggled my 🐶 in too I would have). I’m excited because I used to really enjoy going to live events before my accident (especially live music 🎶). However, since I can’t hear music and it’s just harder doing things with my injuries, I haven’t been to anything live except for a few minor league baseball ⚾️ games last summer. I figured (pun intended) this would be a good thing to see because it’s visual and doesn’t matter if I can hear the music they skate to. And I got to really like the U.S. Olympic skaters this year (I haven’t even talked about Mirai Nagasu, Nathan Chen or the Bronze medal-winning Ice Dancing siblings the Shibitani Siblings) and all the ones I really enjoyed are skating in Stars on Ice. I’m sure I’ll write about it again when I actually attend it.

Stars on Ice celebrities

Also, on a separate note, Ticketmaster really needs to make it so that more than 1 companion can sit with a handicap person for events. It could have just been this venue too, but I doubt it because we ended up having to buy the tickets directly through the venue to be able to get both (2 people) my parents to be able to sit with me.

2 thoughts on “POP CULTURE: Nerd 🤓 Alert 🚨: Stars ⭐️ on Ice

  1. If only Tara and Johnny would do the In-arena commentary, too! I am following both of them and Adam on instagram. Adam is just too pretty, don’t you think? He doesn’t look real!

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    1. Earlier pictures of Adam he has curly hair. Close to Justin Timberlake’s ramen head. Sally Field’s son is gay and he tweeted a screenshot of a text she sent him telling him he needed to figure out how to get Adam Rippon to date him because he was so pretty. It was hilarious. And something my Mom would do.


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